Does Your WAIST Challenge Lie Between Your EARS?

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Yes, we realize that sounds weird. We also know that nobody likes “pop quizzes”. But, we’re going to start this blog a little different. Just to get you thinking, please solve this problem.

Now before we share the solution with you, answer this question: what shape do you see here as you work on the puzzle? It’s a square or a box, right?

Next question: when you were thinking about a solution were you working within the shape of that box? Be honest!  Because most people DO. But when they do that, things like this happen …

They miss a dot! Or they do this …

They use 5 lines not 4! Maybe you got stumped on this puzzle, too. So, here is the solution …

“You’ve got to think out of the box!”

Have you ever heard that phrase? Most of us have, and we have a general idea of what it means. But did you know it actually has a puzzle or problem associated with its origination?

Albert Einstein once said:

“You cannot resolve a problem using the same level (pattern) of thinking that existed when the problem was created”.

That relates very well to this 9-Dot Puzzle. Maybe we could have allowed you to work on this thing ALL day! But until you expanded your thinking and thought OUT of that pattern … until you think OUT of the BOX … you would have NEVER solved this puzzle.

As simple as that sounds, it’s exactly the PATTERN that many people are in when it comes to their weight and to FAT LOSS!  In order to solve that puzzle … In order to achieve a REAL SOLUTION … In order to HAVE a different result/outcome, we must DO things differently. In order to do things differently … to do them better and more effective. We must THINK differently.  

With that introduction made, we would like to kick off our next short blog series about the ways people have 9 DOT or … in the box or … LIMITED thinking when it comes to fat loss. That’s why we say many people’s biggest challenge to changing their waist line lies right between their ears!

It is our sincere hope that by sharing these limitations of thought, it may help you do what 1000’s of others before you have done: Expand YOUR thinking about weight loss! Eliminate These Limiting Mind Sets and SUCCEED in YOUR Fat Loss Journey! It does not matter HOW you have thought about that possibility up till now. It only matters how you think and what you do moving forward!

Stay tuned to Eliminate Limiting Mindsets.

Meanwhile, always feel free to click, call or just come in to see if we can help YOU today!

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