H.A.P.P.Y. N.E.W. Y.E.A.R!

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  1. It’s finally here. Maybe better, in many people’s minds, is the fact that 2020 is finally OVER! 😊 Either way you look at it, we want to wish all readers of our blog a healthy and happy year ahead.

This year, as we routinely indicate, we will remain committed to making a dent in America’s REAL epidemic – the overweight and obesity epidemic. We share mind-blowing statistics over and over here in this blog, as well as in other places to bring more awareness to the realities and severity of this all-to-common DISEASE. You read that right. The conditions of being “just” overweight or clinically obese are both diagnosable diseases that are typically preventable and, in the vast majority of cases, reversible.

As we jump into a new year, we know many have the goal, intention, hope or perhaps something many refer to as a New Year “resolution” to LOSE WEIGHT. Maybe you are reading this blog now because you are a client of our clinical weight loss program. Or maybe you came across this in some other way. Again, either way, we welcome you and wanted to start this year of blogging with a simple message of positivity and well-being.

We really do not know where this message came from or who wrote it. So, we can not give credit where credit is due (sorry to the one who did create it!). But we DO like this acronym for “H.A.P.P.Y. N.E.W. Y.E.A.R. Enjoy!

Happiness depends upon your outlook on life. Find the good in all situations!

Attitude is just as important as ability. Keep your attitude positive!

Passion - find yours this year! Do what you love … and love what you do!

Persistence -We all get knocked down. It’s getting back UP that makes you great! 

You are unique with special gifts. Use them! People need more YOU in their lives!

New beginnings come with a new year. Start Strong!

Enthusiasm is the yeast that raises the dough! It’s a true “secret” of success. 

Wishes - may yours turn into goals which you pursue, achieve and enjoy! 

Years – they go by too quickly. Enjoy each one! 

Energy - may you have lots of it – for you and for others. Take care of yourself! 

Appreciate life. Don't take it for granted. Live with an attitude of gratitude!

Relax! Take the time to relax in this coming year. Keep balance in your life! 

Very cool, huh? This would serve as a nice basis for a daily affirmation or “self-talk” as you pursue your resolutions, changes, goals, etc.

If you are one of the millions of Americans pursuing weight loss and feel you may need a better plan than ever before … if just another “fad” diet or “starve yourself to skinny” approach is not what you want to do … if a science-based plan with clinical oversight sounds like something that may FINALLY HELP YOU MAKE YOUR RESOLUTION A REALITY … Then we invite you to connect with us!

CLICK OR CALL TODAY to schedule an appointment to learn more, see if you qualify and possibly join the thousands who have successfully (healthily) lost weight using the same program we use in our clinic!

Again, H.A.P.P.Y. N.E.W. Y.E.A.R.!!!

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