Question the QUALITY of Your Questions

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We realize that title may sound a bit confusing, but please follow along because we’ve found that this topic and the line of THINKING we address here is crucial to successful weight loss. In fact, it applies strongly to developing a healthy LIFESTYLE overall.

One of the most well-known and popular “life coaches” out there is Tony Robbins. For decades, he has proven to be ultra-effective in the area of personal and life transformation. Robbins is credited with this quote:

The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself”

If you follow along with our blog and this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve touched on this topic a few times before. It’s that important to our work in weight loss! Many counselors and advisors in the area of personal and professional development, performance improvement and similar fields stress this same thing.

When you pause and consider that statement, there really is a lot of truth to it. In fact, we believe (and observe) that we can exchange Robbins’ words “quality of LIFE” with several other words and the truth and power of the statement still holds.

As this phrase applies to what we are speaking about here in this blog, one could sub in words like diet, energy, health, wellness or even “YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY”. Simply think about it re-phrased that way:

The quality of your WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY is directly related to the quality of the QUESTIONS you ask.

Are you really walking around asking yourself questions? Well … Yes, you actually are! It’s called your internal dialogue or self-talk. It’s that inner voice that speaks to you or runs in your mind as you are considering things in life … such as your eating. What we are touching on in this writing is this …

What is the internal dialogue you are having with yourself at critical times?Poor quality QUESTIONS get poor quality ANSWERS which lead to poor quality ACTIONS and ultimately poor quality of RESULTS.

What if you FOCUSED on asking a different set of questions? We readily admit that it takes conscious decisions, practice and time to do this. Yet, we encourage you to consider the answers you would get to questions like these:

  • What is going to make me FEEL the best?
  • What should I definitely AVOID?
  • What will provide me the best ENERGY?
  • What is on my pre-determined PLAN?
  • What will give me the best LONG-TERM satisfaction?

The answers you will get to those questions will certainly be much higher QUALITY. If you follow THOSE answers, it will surely lead to high quality and healthy ACTIONS … and RESULTS.

Today we challenge you to do one simple thing: ask a different set of questions! Day by day. One meal at a time. When you do this, you WILL move toward the results you desire.

This is the type of thinking, coaching and support we are committed to providing our clients through their weight loss journey. Besides the SCIENCE and STRATEGIC EATING used in our program, we’re also here to help clients THINK differently, ASK better questions and LIVE healthier!

Are you ASKING how to learn more about our program? That ANSWER is simple!

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