Real Solutions to Fat Fighting Frustrations 3/5

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Part 3 of 5

So far in this short blog series we’ve hit on two of the TOP frustrations clients share that they have experienced before coming into The Lifetime Metabolic Program. Before we dig into #3 here’s a reminder of those first 2 …

If you need to refresh yourself or want to read them for the first time to get caught up please do! We will be building on them here and the upcoming weeks. Now, on to Frustration #3 …

Frustration #3: Not Seeing Quick Enough Results

Let’s face it: we are an instant gratification society.

We prefer smartphone apps; immediate service; FAST food; FAST passes; NO waits, E-mail, same day delivery and on and on and on. You get the point.

We are FRUSTRATED by snail mail; slow internet connection; long waits, and most of all as it relates to this conversation: slow weight loss. We want IT fast too!

One myth out there is that slow, progressive weight loss is always best. That’s not necessarily the case in our opinion … especially if a person is too darn impatient to stick with a program long enough to have an impact!

We especially feel this way IF and when there IS a way for most people to safely and effectively lose an initial amount of weight quickly.

If it’s all the same, why would a person opt to get something they want and need REALLY badly over a long period of time when they could actually make significant or maybe even FULL progress toward attaining that goal in a much, much shorter period of time? Are they glutens for punishment?

Quick side note: Be sure to know that we are addressing this with the assumption that the goal we are addressing IS a healthy one determined by a doctor using up to date measures and technology.

But back to the point …

In this day and age, there IS science and an understanding of metabolism and natural nutritional supplementation that enables the vast majority of people to safely and effectively lose a significant amount of weight in as little as 6 weeks.

We always state clearly that there is NO way to “guarantee” results in weight loss (or ANY health care procedure for that matter!) because there are so many variables among people’s bodies, their commitment level, etc. etc. etc. However, the reality is that in our clinics that average loss is often as much as 20 to 40 pounds in that initial 40 day phase.

“OMG! That can’t be!” … That’s what some say. Others say: “Sign me up! I want THAT kind of a jump start!”

The question is what are YOU saying?

From a clinical standpoint, the secret is knowing a few things:

  1. Is the person specifically losing FAT – not water weight; not muscle mass. FAT! And yes, there IS modern technology that makes it very simple for us to measure that.
  2. The combination of herbal and homeopathic formulas that (along with very strategic eating) helps shift your metabolism to BURN all that stored fat.

We do not want to keep storing a few more pounds of fat every year. Stored fat is there for FUEL – but in many people’s case their body is simply not burning it!

When a “Fat Burning Metabolism” is rapidly achieved by combining foods, timing of eating, proper formulas and of course close support, our clients DO typically achieve that FAST start to FAT LOSS that everyone wants.

When that happens, Frustration #3 goes away.

If (when) this happens, you will realize a high degree of belief in yourself … and a sense of hope for the future.

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