Real Solutions to Fat Fighting Frustrations 4/5

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Part 4 of 5

At this point in this short blog series we’ve hit on three of the TOP frustrations clients share that they have experienced before coming into The Lifetime Metabolic Program. Let’s move on to #4, but before we do here’s a reminder of the first three:

Now, here we go with #4

Frustration #4: Feeling Miserable!

Have you ever paid attention to the first 3 letters of the word “DIET’?

D-I-E … That’s exactly what most weight loss approaches make you feel like you’re going to do! It’s also why most weight loss programs don’t work. Heck, it’s why you cheat on yourself (as referenced in Frustration #2). No human being can feel cruddy, lethargic and hungry very long before they cheat, quit, or fall off another diet wagon.

Don’t get this point wrong: there is a difference between being uncomfortable because of some things we need to DO in order to succeed versus FEELING rotten due to what we are or are not eating. You WILL likely need to do some new and unique things. You WILL need to learn some things … Apply some things ... Prepare some foods ... and journal some things for the ones keeping you accountable. You WILL likely have to eliminate some foods. You WILL have to pass on some things. You WILL have to think differently about foods. But here is the deal …

“You are either in the pain or you’re in the pain.”

Think about that! This is statement is true for virtually anything we are building or trying to attain. It is true if we are trying to get in shape physically. For most, it is uncomfortable in some way (pain) to go to a gym or a class or even take time to do some fitness. Yet, we ALL know it is also uncomfortable in many, many ways when we do NOT make the time or effort for fitness! We end feeling worse than we want. WE usually look worse than we desire. And, our true level of health certainly pays the price!

“You are either in the pain or you’re in the pain.”

This statement also applies to something like building a business. A business owner could be quite comfortable just sitting in his/her office, store, etc. – not doing what it takes to effectively build that business. They are the boss! So, they don’t HAVE to do anything! But, ultimately they would likely have to deal with the discomfort of having NO customers … and all of the stress that causes. On the other hand, the business owner could get uncomfortable and get out there to do what it takes to build a strong and successful business. It is that simple. They et to choose. And how they choose and act determines their result.

The GOOD NEWS in either case and with you is this:
You get to choose your “pain”.

You see, the same will hold true for you if you are battling a weight issue – no matter if it’s a small one involving 10, 15 or 20 pounds … or a situation involving dozens and dozens of pounds needing shed. You may say, “Well, I don’t want to be in ANY pain. I don’t want ANY discomfort”. That’s human nature, but answer these question:

  • Are you comfortable right now?
  • Do you enjoy the pain associated with being overweight or obese?
  • Is it painful looking into the mirror?
  • Trying on clothes?
  • Or not being able to do some activity that’s important to you?
  • Is it painful to think you may not live as long as you should or see someone special in your life grow up, get married, or whatever?

We don’t want to beat that drum too hard, because answering these questions alone is painful for many. But that’s the cold hard truth about choosing our discomfort.

Now, from the standpoint of how we actually FEEL, we cannot allow you to feel hungry, lethargic low energy and all of that yuck so many feel – and get FRUSTRATED with - as they try most diet programs.

As shared in the recent blog, there are natural herbal and homeopathic combination formulas that can be coupled with strategic eating that can absolutely eliminate that frustrating cruddy feeling as you lose weight. When these miserable (painful) feelings are eliminated or limited AND you experience a nice, fast jump start (see Frustration #3) you are going to feel much less frustration, sense more motivation and of course see more results!

Once again, this is a frustration that is very effectively handled in The Lifetime Metabolic Program. Be sure to stay connected and watch for Frustration #5 Next week!

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