THE Fix for Frustrations In Your “Business” of Weight Loss

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This blog is designed to help our readers personally - with your health, weight and wellness. It is obviously not a “business” blog. However, let’s make a brief mental shift and pretend that weight loss (YOUR weight loss) is a business. After all, we DO mean business when it comes to helping you with weight loss!

Just like in weight loss, in the business world there are common and recurring frustrations. If you are a business owner, you will understand and relate very well to this. Even if you are not an owner, you may be an employee. Or, maybe you have retired now, but can recall common frustrations in business like these:

• Acquiring new customers
• Closing sales
• Fulfilling orders
• Collecting money
• Customer service demands
• Managing employees
• Balancing the books
• Keeping up with regulations 
• Separating work life from home life

Of course, that list could go on and on! The same is true in weight loss. We have addressed several common and recurring weight loss frustrations before. Maybe YOU are struggling with one or more of them …

• You just don’t have the motivation?
• You feel completely confused?
• Nothing seems to work?
• Want faster initial results?
• Need a long-term sustainable plan unique to YOU?
• No time? Too busy?
• Love sugar and carbs too much?
• Don’t like exercise?
• Definitely don’t like the pre-packaged “diet meals”?
• Hate the shakes and bars?
• Don’t like getting shots? 
• People around you at home/work not on board? 
• Eat well through the day then messing up at night?

We consult and correspond with people every day battling these same frustrations and we state this repeatedly: If losing weight was easy, everyone would succeed at it. YOU would have already done it (assuming you are wanting to). You would not just have TRIED it. You would have succeeded in it … “IF” it was that easy.

Whether in business or weight loss, all frustrations can actually be viewed and addressed quite similarly. A business coach by the name of David Hilton provides a good, bottom line truth about frustrations when he teaches this to business owners:

ANY frustration you have in your business is due to the lack of a SYSTEM to address that frustration.

That paraphrased version of the business lesson Hilton teaches is SO applicable to weight loss. As you pause and consider the frustrations that may exist in “the business of your weight loss”, please keep this lesson in mind. For any of those common fat fighting frustrations we listed above, the solution is to create or find a SYSTEM and solution for overcoming and conquering it!

We suggest you lift your head up. Take a little time to pause and think about any and all challenges you are having. Then, think about this:

Every challenge you are currently having has already been experienced and SOLVED by somebody else out there.

That’s kind of interesting to think about, isn’t it? Many people (maybe you) feel like they are the only ones battling one or more of those frustrations listed above. They wonder why others don’t seem quite so challenged by them. They see people who are succeeding with weight loss or who are living at a healthy weight and think “why me?”. Well, here’s the REALITY: Others do battle them. Or, they have in the past.

The same is true in business. For every one of those common business frustrations listed above, some company, some owner, some CEO or some valuable employee has created a SYSTEM or solution for it. On the other hand, many businesses refuse to develop or adopt an effective system. They remain challenged, limited and perhaps ultimately fail. We do not want that for you in your business of weight loss!

Providing and coaching clients through a SYSTEM of weight loss is what we do. We provide the Activate Metabolics program in our clinic which is a science-based approach that has proven to be a successful system in dozens and dozens of clinics for literally thousands of people.

We like to use this acronym for S.Y.S.T.E.M.:
S - Saving
Y - You
S - Stress
T - Time
E - Energy
M - Money

A SYSTEM helps save you stress, time, energy and money! Weight loss can be stressful and confusing. It can be overwhelming. A lot of time and money is wasted in failed attempts (maybe you’ve been there – done that?).

So, take a fresh look at your frustrations. Ask yourself: is what I’m doing really working? If not, STOP doing it that way! Doing things, the SAME way over and over will get you the SAME old result. The most important and unique thing successful business leaders (and weight loss clients) do is THINK in a fresh, new, creative way. Remember what Albert Einstein once said …

“You cannot resolve a problem using the same level of THINKING that existed when the problem was created.”

In closing, consider the quote below by best-selling author and business coach, Michael Gerber.

YOU deserve extraordinary results in YOUR “business of weight loss”.

Click or call today to learn more about our SYSTEM of clinical weight loss and healthy weight management.

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