The "M" in T.E.A.M.

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In our last 3 blogs we’ve progressively touched on how our weight loss program emphasizes that our clients on this journey with us always “Think T.E.A.M.”

Recall, we’ve broke that word TEAM down and hit on the meaning of each letter.

  • “T stands for Targets” and that any successful TEAM must be crystal clear on what they are aiming for. An unclear or unrealistic weight loss goal is often the exact reason for failure.
  • “E stands for Execution”: the aspect of following up and following through with the “DOING” of what is required to HIT that meaningful target … to lose weight and create a focused lifestyle change.
  • “A stands for attitude”: The “BIG LOSERS” (those who come in, set a target, follow the program, reach their big goals and truly change their lifestyle so they keep the weight off) have one thing in common: they have a powerful and positive ATTITUDE! It really IS THE DIFFERENCE MAKER!
  • So, what about the “M”?

M stands for MOTIVATION. It is the “fuel” that drives us toward our Targets through Attitude and Execution.

The word MOTIVATION is often misunderstood as simply that high five, “rah-rah”, hyped up dogma. But, motivation is more than that!

It is really the “WHY” of our targets. That driving force that enables us to press toward the mark! IF we are to fully reach our potential and maximize our health (and this life we have to live), it must be more meaningful than money, material goods, ego driven measures – and certainly a particular size of pants or number on the scale.

So, before you even set Targets to aim for, identify your “WHY”! Seriously, why are you even considering or attempting to lose weight. There is NOT a right or wrong answer in our mind. It is YOUR body and YOUR life … so it is YOUR reason … YOUR WHY.

Perhaps it is …

  • A diagnosis or health condition you are battling or trying to avoid
  • Having to take or wanting to get off one or more prescription drugs
  • How you feel physically or emotionally about yourself
  • How you feel in (or fit in) your clothes
  • A degree of restriction or limitation of some activity at work, home, leisure, travel or fitness.
  • A strained relationship resulting from the effects of your weight
  • Wanting to set an example for your children or employees or others you lead
  • Just being Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired!

Whatever “IT” is, we suggest you acknowledge it! Write it down! Let it be THE reason you learn more about YOU… your metabolism … your genetics … and this weight loss process. Let it be THE reason you live differently!

We all know this to be true: When you think differently and DO differently, you will get a different outcome!

Combine this MOTIVATION with established, proven systems like we provide in The Lifetime Metabolic Weight Loss Program and you can lose weight and live a healthier more active and fulfilling life than you may think!

That is our belief and observation. Having helped thousands of people attain their weight loss goals, we want to urge you one more time:

Think T.E.A.M.

Call today and join the #1 TEAM in weight loss!
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