What Type pf Questions Are YOU Asking?

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It’s been said by many coaches and advisors in the area of life coaching, professional development, performance improvement and similar fields that “The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of the questions you ask!”

When you pause and consider that statement, there really is a lot of truth to it. In fact, for the word “life” you could actually substitute in several other words and the truth and power of the statement still holds. In relation to what we are speaking about here in this blog, one could sub in words like diet, energy, health, wellness and …. Your weight loss journey. Think about it re-phrased that way:

The quality of your weight loss journey is directly related to the quality of the questions you ask.

In other words, what is the internal dialogue you are having with yourself at critical times? Let’s explore this a little bit …

When you begin to decide what you will eat at different points of the day what runs through your mind? One very critical situation we find people being challenged by is eating out. Think about this. And, be honest with yourself. When you stand in line and read the menu in front of you or as you sit down and prepare to place an order, what questions do you typically ask yourself?

Do you find yourself in a line of thinking and questioning something like this ….

  • What is “the special” today?
  • What would taste the best?
  • Which is the most food I could get for my money I’m about to spend?
  • What am I craving?
  • What is my “stand by” or “go-to” dish?
  • Since I’m eating out, what could I “treat” myself to?

Sound familiar? Think about the quality of the answers you will likely get with such questions. Yikes! And when we get poor quality answers which lead to poor quality actions we will certainly get less than desired results.

What if you could begin to ask a different set of questions? Yes, it takes a conscious decision, practice and time, BUT what answers would you get to questions like this:

  • What is going to make me FEEL the best?
  • What do I want to definitely AVOID?
  • What will provide me the best ENERGY?
  • What is on my pre-determined PLAN?
  • What will give me the best LONG TERM satisfaction?

Now, think about the answers you will get to those questions. Wow! If you follow THOSE answers, it will surely lead to high -quality and healthy actions. One meal at a time, day by day, this is when you WILL get the results you desire.

So, today we challenge you to do this one simple thing: Ask a different set of questions! This type of thinking, coaching and support is what we are all about. We’re here to help you think differently, ASK differently and live healthier! Call, click or just come in today!

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