Winning the “Game” of Weight Loss

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As we share more and more about our weight loss program (and help more and more people) several questions come up over … and over … and over. Probably the most common one is this: What is the “secret” to success in weight loss? In other words, how do I overcome this challenge or win this game?

We have shared on this topic numerous times because it really does keep coming up in a variety of ways. The bottom-line people want to know is this:

  • What allows some people to achieve incredible success in losing weight (and keeping it off) while others flop, flounder, fizzle and fail?
  • Why do some lose and never look back while others ride the struggle bus or the all-to-common proverbial weight loss “roller-coaster”?

That line of questions is usually followed by a string of good guesses, such as …

  • Is it a specific and individualized plan?
  • Is it having a big enough reason WHY?
  • Is it genetics?
  • Is it having the right accountability partner or team?
  • Is it all about mental attitude?
  • Is it science?

Well, here’s the TRUTH: It’s ALL of these things … and more! If you are looking for the “magic bullet” you will be searching your entire life. Specializing in and focusing on clinical weight loss has allowed us to distinguish some key ingredients possessed by those who succeed in the game of weight loss.

The “WEIGHT LOSS CHAMPIONS” we’ve been blessed to help tend to …

  • … be diligent in their study and understanding of METABOLISM; they gain awareness of the factors that squelch it and they know foods and actions that can bump it up.
  • … adopt a very STRATEGIC plan that enables them to “jump start” their metabolism … then keep it functioning efficiently.
  • … get in the HABIT of planning ahead and prepping their meals. They accept (often after years of experience) that, when we eat “on the run” or reactively, we typically don’t eat real smart – or in line with good metabolism shifts.
  • … buy into the fact that, like any other habit forming, this takes some TIME and effort …. but it IS achievable!
  • … incorporate SCIENCE. Things like genetic testing enable them to get off the diet roller coaster and get on the ride called LIFESTYLE change.
  • … make the journey with others. Teamwork, accountability and support are huge in the battle of weight reduction and control.
  • … STOP dieting and start living! Once they get a little momentum, employ some science-based information and get empowered by a committed, educated support team, these weight loss champs come alive! Besides looking different, they think, act, play and live in a whole NEW WAY!

These are just a few of the many distinctions we have made and love to share with those looking for weight loss answers. You, too, can apply these to increase your success. Don’t be one dimensional in your approach to the tricky and frustrating challenge of weight loss. There is not one “secret”.

Rather, there are many pieces of the puzzle that must be properly fit together. The systems of success have been created, applied and celebrated thousands of times within The Activate Metabolics Program which is used in dozens of clinics – and we use in our clinic.

To learn more about the system, our clinic and our team, simply click or call today! If you need to lose some weight, we believe you can be our next Weight Loss Champion!

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